Dublin Flea Christmas Market

Dublin Flea Market, a new fixture in The Liberties with its home in Newmarket Square, will be hosting its 5th annual Christmas Flea Market this year.


Dublin Flea Market, a new fixture in The Liberties with its home in Newmarket Square, will be hosting its 5th annual Christmas Flea Market this year.

The last four years the market has been held over the river in Smithfield however the space previously used was no longer available so they had to go in search of a new home.  “It was tough to find a location large enough to hold our market in,” said Aisling Rogerson of Dublin Flea.


“We wanted a location that highlighted the beautiful old buildings in the city that have been left unused and empty for many years, as is our ethos with Dublin Flea. That’s when we found the old John Player Factory, which is an iconic building with loads of character that hasn’t been open to the public for at least 10 years” she added.

However at the last minute the venue had to be changed when the John Player Factory withdrew the go-ahead to hold the Flea market there.  After putting out a cry for help on Facebook, and getting many offers they finally confirmed the new venue will be The Point Village, beside the 3 Arena.

In the build up to the market the Dublin Flea team have been very busy making sure electricals, plumbing, food preparation areas and signage are all in check before the big weekend.


“The stalls for the market have just been confirmed and will still include some of the favourite flea stalls where you can haggle and bargain to your hearts content.  There will also be some stalls focused around design and craft with all local Irish designers and artists, and of course more Christmas and gift orientated stalls for all your holiday shopping needs. It’s like a mini festival really with the variety of stuff we have” Aisling said.

The Christmas Cracker Market will be home to over many market stalls for three days from the 11th – 13th of December, In the new venue of The Point Village.  With 110 stalls it is the largest indoor market in Ireland.

Camden Exchange Review

Camden Street’s newest addition opened its doors about a month ago, and I thought I’d try something different, and something different was exactly what I got.


Right in the heart of Camden Street, Camden Exchange is in a prime location that some may recognise as being the site of the old National Bank.  It was also used as a storefront in filming the RTÉ series Raw.


With craft beers, cocktails, food and low playing indie music you could say Camden Exchange is no different to any hip new place to eat. However with food bursting with flavour being served until midnight, and at great prices, Camden Exchange does indeed have something new to offer.

Chicken breast in Korean hot sauce with pickled carrot and cucumber, Asian slaw served on a Bretzel bap. Photo: Mary Kate Hickey.


The unusual décor is a real talking point from the minute you walk in, with little booths, wraparound leather couches, and food being served from a vintage truck sitting neatly in the middle of the restaurant.


The atmosphere is chilled and relaxed, just like the friendly staff who work in comfort in jeans and high-top runners.


After ordering a cocktail and a cider we took a look through the wonderfully simplistic menu, when we realised that the drinks menu has a larger variety than the food. With a vast selection of craft beers and some unique sounding cocktails it is clear that the drinks menu is where the main focus is.


That said, the simplicity of the food menu has something quite likeable about it. Its layout of “pig” with the pork option underneath or “cow” with the beef option underneath is a unique take on the dining experience with only one meal under each heading.


We ordered one starter between us, the shrimp skewers, the portion was quite small for two, as they are not really designed for two. The bloody Mary sauce with them was incredible though and I would definitely recommend getting it.


Packed full of flavour, the mains are a steal at only €8 each and adding fries costs only an extra €2. Trust me you’ll want to try the fries.

The rolled pork belly on sourdough bread with chorizo jam deserves an honourable mention for its mixture of mouth-watering flavours blending perfectly together. While the chicken dish served with cucumber, stewed carrot, and Korean hot sauce in either a bap or a salad is a refreshing twist on the average chicken option.

If you want to try something new and enjoy letting your taste buds do the thinking for a while, then I really suggest you try out Camden Exchange for something new and exciting.

(Originally published in The Liberty http://www.theliberty.ie/2015/04/23/camden-exchange-review/)